Golden Triangle, Miss. (WCBI)– Mississippi legislators have been working to reinforce domestic violence laws for about a year.

Development has been made, but supporters say there is still more to be done.

Like many criminal activities, repeat transgressors are seen in domestic violence cases.

The program that Safe Haven provides deal with police and district attorneys to assist stop it from occurring.

Safe house’s Columbus area services 10 counties, offering domestic violence victims the standard needs.

” Temporary emergency shelter, free therapy services, food, clothes if they need it, transport, and security preparation,” stated Safe Haven Director, Joyce Tucker.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that 20 people are physically abused by intimate partners every minute in the United States

That’s about 10 million people a year.

For around 2 years now, Safe Haven has dealt with local police to assist with domestic violence culprits.

” Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department is permitting us to use the Lowndes County adult detention. They have designated a workplace that we can use or space that we can use to offer those mentors,” stated Tucker.

The mentors belong to a 24-week Safe Haven program, with one universal objective.

” The function of the program is to stop them from re-offending. It’s based upon the power and control wheel, that the abuse occurs because of power and control problems by the transgressor,” stated Tucker.

The program has finished one previous culprit, and the non-profit company hopes more will follow.

” We will not know how effective our program is if we do not get folks in the program. Our hope is that more judges in the counties that we serve will refer the wrongdoer to our program,” stated Tucker.

Presently, anger management is the primary resource judges use for wrongdoers.

Safehouse hopes in the future, their program will fill that area.